Sea, sand and snow

Sunday the 27th of November was the last day of our trip. We had a wonderful time, but it was time to go home. Before we went back to the airport, we visited Yoichi again for a short period of time. We got out of the car and bought some hot chocolate at the family mart and after that we walked towards the beach. And wow, just wow. It was even more beautiful than when we were there two days earlier. So there is less to talk about, but the pictures are worth showing (I hope)!

Snow on the beach

The beach was still covered in a little layer of snow, well at least the parts of that were not washed away by the sea. When we arrived it was very cloudy, but after a while we could see some sunshine between the clouds. This created wonderful views across the beach and the sea and the mountains in the background.


Snow covered beach


Sea, sand and snow

Over the rainbow

Because of the sunlight that finally had a chance to cross the clouds, we also had the opportunity to see a rainbow. In the end, we could see the full rainbow, so both sides on the ground.


Rainbow @ the beach



It’s not very clear to see, but in the picture below you can see the ‘full’ rainbow!


Full rainbow

Back home

And after this lovely visit to the beach it was time to go to the airport again for our flight back to Tokyo. The drive back to the airport took us quite some time only to arrive at the airport hearing that our flight was delayed for some reason. So we had a nice stroll around the airport. The airport has a Hello Kitty museum, a snow Miku sky town (Snow Miku is a famous animated character that sings Japanese songs) and several miniature planes and other parts of airplanes in a small airplane museum. There were also lots of shops and restaurants, so we had a tasty pizza and raclette before we got into the airplane.

Even though the sun was partially covered by clouds, we could see some beautiful red and orange colors when we took us in the airplane. A nice ending for an amazing trip!


Visited on the 27th of November, 2016

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