Kimonos and origami

This morning I did the last exams of this term, so from tomorrow on I’ll be in Hokkaido (until Sunday). Luckily for us, Saitama’s branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom organized a wonderful kimono try-out session for the international students last Saturday. (Perfect break from studying!). This meant that I got to wear a kimono for the first time, which was an awesome experience! Many many thanks to all of the lovely ladies for supplying the beautiful kimonos and helping us to put them on!

Meanwhile …

There were a lot of people (especially girls) that wanted to try on these kimonos. That meant that we had to wait for a while, so that the room would not be over packed with students and that the ladies could actually help you to get the kimono on. So in the meantime they arranged another activity for us: origami! They taught us how to make a cute little Santa out of origami! And one of the others students also taught me how to make a crane.


Origami Santa



And after the long wait, it was finally my turn to wear a kimono!

Kimono time

It was very funny to see everyone to get dressed. You could pick the kimono that you wanted to wear and the ladies would help you to get into the kimono. My kimono was the blue one you can see in all of the pictures. Absolutely stunning because of its simplicity, but with beautiful details.

Before we got to wear the kimonos, we got some white socks. These are the socks with the special part for your big toe.


Socks for the kimonos

There were two layers of the kimono: one inner layer (which cannot be completely seen, only a small part) and one outer layer (the blue layer). Every layer is strapped around your waist with straps. At one point there were four ladies standing around me and adjusting my kimono, which was pretty funny because I was almost a head taller than these women. My long hair was also in the way, so I had to hold it up, so they could wrap the straps around me.

You could pick the big band around your waist yourself as well (the ladies would give their suggestions for what could suit you or the kimono better, but in the end it was up to you). There were many colors and many patterns on these bands, which was unbelievable. The end result was absolutely marvelous. I really loved the combination of the blue kimono and the white-and-orange band with lots of flowers on it!

At the end of the day, everybody was very pleased about the try out session of the kimonos. And there was a lot to clean up! We we’re not allowed to help clean up all of the kimonos and bands, but I am pretty sure that it took quite some time before all of these fabrics were sorted out.


Clean up after the try out session

I really really really enjoyed wearing the kimono. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again some other time. So I would like to thank the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom again! (Some of the lovely ladies can be seen in the picture below!)


Picture with the lovely ladies of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Saitama Branch

Tried on kimonos on Saturday the 19th of November 2016

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