On and on in Ontario

Here we go again!

Next up was Ontario. After a short stay in Kingston (which is supposed to be a beautiful city, but we did not like it that much) we went to Toronto, where we slept in a very big house (villa-like) North of Toronto. The Airbnb house belonged to an Italian family and this was their first time renting it out. It was amazing! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the house, but you cannot not love it!

The house was hidden in the forest and had a huge space around it. There is a soccer field, a pizza oven, a small part of forest with a river, 3 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, etc. If you want to stay somewhere around Toronto and you have a larger company with you, then you should definitely stay here!

Nature in a big city

After coming to Toronto, we first went to the Wilket Creek Park. This is a beautiful and very green park with lots of flowers, trees, grasshoppers, butterflies and squirrels. If you want to find some peace in a big city like Toronto, then you should consider going to this park. You can park your car in front of the park and enjoy yourself easily for 2-3 hours (if not more) walking around.


Wilket Creek Park


Can you spot the heart?

The Falls

One of the other highlights in the area around Toronto are the Niagara Falls. These big falls can be found on the South side of Toronto. The Falls are huge and very impressive to see. If you stand near the edge of the path, then you can feel and more importantly hear the force of the falls. Especially if a small boat is going to the falls, it will just float back if the engine would not be running.

If you are early enough, you can reserve a ticket for the ‘Behind the Falls’ tour. This should also be a great experience, but we were too late, so the tickets already sold out…. What a bummer! The area around the falls is also very busy with a lot of tourists, so be prepared if you are going here.


Niagara Falls

Have you ever touched a butterfly?

Near the Niagara Falls, you can find a Butterfly Observatory. A wonderful habitat for different species of butterflies was built here. You can walk around the observatory and if you are lucky and sitting or standing without any movement, a butterfly might just pop up and sit on you!

High in the Sky

Everywhere I go, I try to visit high places to get a better overview of the surroundings. To do so, we went to the CN Tower in Toronto. The CN Tower is the highest tower around Toronto. We went up there in the late afternoon / beginning of the evening and were able to see the sunset (very much recommend!).


CN Tower view

While we were in the CN Tower, a baseball game was busy below us (Blue Jays vs. ?). We could see the dots where the players were supposed to be!


Toronto Blue Jays game (seen from the CN Tower)


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