More of Quebec: Montreal it is

The English speaking city in Quebec.

Montreal is a completely different city is you compare it to Quebec. In Montreal, people do speak English (yay)! We stayed at an Airbnb apartment in a Jewish neighborhood close by a public transport point. You should use public transport to move across the city: there are a lot of cars and using public transport you can get anywhere within the city (at least, that’s what our Airbnb host told us, who has been living in Montreal for quite some time now).

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

Even if you are not religious, this is a must-see when you’re going to visit Montreal. The oratory is huge and very impressive, both on the inside and on the outside. While we were there, there was a choir of English children that was singing beautiful songs in a chamber that was acoustically fascinating! The decorations inside the oratory are wonderful as well.

Saint Joseph Oratory.jpg


The views from outside the oratory were dazzling. You could not see the complete 360-degree view, but that was okay. It was also funny to see the people doing their best to arrive at the top (we were here on a very hot day, thus a tall climb like this was tiring).

oratory view.png

View from the top of the stairs (Oratory)


Poutine is one of Quebecs special dishes. And our host recommend eating it, thus we thought: ‘Lets do this!’. Stupid idea. What a horrible dish. Poutine literally is a layer of fries with drenched in gravy and some sort of BBQ sauce and coated with a layer of cheese (I had fried chicken with it as well). If you think that this sounds great, go ahead and try it out! Even though I thought it was pretty gross, I am still glad that I tried it while I was there.



City by night

Montreal is a big city and that can be seen perfectly on top of Mount Royal. We tried to see the sunset, but were a little bit late because of our bus not showing up (still, public transport is said to be the best way of traveling through the city). Thus when we arrived on top of the mount, the sun was already gone. Luckily it was still light enough to see the city during the day.

After that we waited for a while until it got completely dark. The scenery changes completely and the views are breathtaking. You can see lights everywhere.

Montreal hill.jpg

Montreal from Mount Royal


Montreal’s Biodome is also one of the highlights of Montreal I would recommend to everyone. When we arrived there around 11am, there was a two-hours waiting line. We were quite smart, because we went online and booked tickets through the website of the Biodome: this saved us a two-hours wait!

The Biodome mimics different climates. Each climate has different species of animals. In total, the Biodome contains 5 different themes and thus 5 different climates. You can go to the tropical rain forest theme where you can find monkeys and parrots or to the sea theme where you can find lots of different birds and fish. There was also a cute lynx with two cubs.


Parrots in the Biodome


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