Le Québec: La Nouvelle-France

The French speaking province.

After our visit to New Brunswick, we traveled to the province Quebec. We stayed on both sides of the Saint Lawrence River for one night and after that we visited Quebec City for three more days (we stayed at an Airbnb in Lac-Beauport).

The highlights of Quebec City were the Old City, the aquarium and the observatory. Even if your French is terrible, you might be able to survive going to this French province. (It is still a lot easier if you can speak French or if you just bring someone else who speaks French).

Finally: Whale watching!

Ever since we set foot in Canada, we wanted to see whales (and other sea mammals)! Our initial plan was to do so in the Bay of Fundy, near Digby, but unfortunately due to a heavy fog, we were unable to do so. After we crossed the Saint Lawrence river in Rimouski, we booked a whale watching trip in Les Escoumins.


Seal during the whale watching trip

During this trip, we sat in a fast boat covered by a glass cover. This way, you do not have to wear a special suit to stay dry during the ride towards the whale spotting areas. When we entered such an area, the glass covers were removed and we were able to witness the greatness of the whales. On the open water, the wind was very cold. We were very pleased they had warned us beforehand to put on long trousers and bring a jacket.

We saw different species of whales and seals during this 1.5-2 hours trip. We kept on waiting for the whales to jump out of the water,  but that did not happen. Better luck next time!


Whale in the St. Lawrence River

The Old City of Quebec

The Old City part of Quebec City is definitely a must-see if you are going to visit Quebec. Here you can find cozy streets with small shops where you can buy all sorts of presents and souvenirs. There is a big castle as well and in different places you might get a change to see street performers (dancing and singing).

old city quebec.png

Quebec: Old City

In the greener parts of Quebec City, you could see squirrels everywhere. These tiny creatures ran from tree to tree, gathering attention from both the tourists and locals. The squirrels came in all different sizes and colors, from brown to black and small to big.


Squirrel in the Old City

Aquarium du Québec

If you have some spare time left in Quebec, the aquarium could be a nice place to visit for a couple of hours. Even though some of the cages and habitats of the animals were quite small (which annoyed me a lot), there were also a lot of animals that seemed pretty okay living in the aquarium. Especially the glass pillars filled with water that were the homes of the jellyfish were quite spectacular to see. Different colors of light were added to maximize the jellyfish-watching-experience.


The sea lions made up the most adorable family in the entire aquarium. A mummy, a daddy and two kiddos resided in a big pool and it was easy to tell they were having a lot of fun. Fun as in pushing each other into the pool, just as one of the children finally got out of the pool (this is very difficult haha). This was amusing to watch for the spectators as well. When it was time for the kids to stop playing, the parents split them apart. One of them took a kiddo in its ‘arms’ and hugged it. How cute can they get?!


Hugging sea lions

Up in the air

The last morning of our Quebec experience, we went to the top floor of the Quebec Observatory. Here you can see a 360-degree view of the city. Walking around the top floor, you can also read interesting facts about the history of Quebec. Now I finally know that the consumption of wine in Quebec per resident (ages 15 and older) is 23.4 liter (I sure hope that this is in a year and not a month)!


View from the Observatory


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