Crossing Maine

Two days in the USA during our Canada Road Trip.

During our Canada road trip, we wondered how we would return to Halifax from Toronto. We decided to go to Montreal first and after that we could either go through Canada (almost the same way we drove to Toronto) or we could cross over Maine, USA. We decided to do the latter to have a change of scenery. And what a change!

Maine is completely different from the South and East provinces of Canada. Where the Canadians just tore down hills to lay their roads, the roads in Maine were swirling and going with the flow of the hills and mountains. It is a very beautiful place to visit. We stayed near the Bigelow Preserve.

Trail Walking

Starting at the Narrow Gauge trail, we went up the mountain. This was quite a ‘difficult’ climb for us, since we are no expert trail walkers. On the top there was a small cabin where you could buy coffee, tea and cookies and where you could refresh yourself. After resting for a while we went down again. Whilst walking we saw some small frogs, toads and a non-harmful snake.

There are also a lot of other trails where you can walk around the Bigelow Preserve. We just chose this trail because it seemed easy enough for us to enjoy it. Such a mistake that it was easy! But we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.


Top of the mountain

Quill Hill

Quill Hill has is an amazing point of view. You drive your car all the way up the hill and from there you can see a spectacular 360-degree view. It costs about 10 dollars to go to the top, but it is totally worth it!

Angel Falls

The Angel Falls can be found after a short trail. You need to do some climbing on this trail, but the falls are located in a wonderful forest. The trail itself is also fun to do, walking, jumping and climbing over rocks and water. (Even for beginner trail walkers, this is easily doable).


Angel Falls Trail

If you go to the falls in a rainy season, then there is supposed to be a big ‘pool’ underneath the falls. You can enjoy yourself in the water. When I was here, it was too hot and dry for a pool, but nonetheless, the falls were beautiful to see!

Angel Falls.jpg

Angel Falls


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