Nova Scotia in 3 days

It is impossible to see all of the wonders of Canada’s Nova Scotia in only 3 days. But we tried nonetheless. 

Arriving at Halifax Airport in the late afternoon, we drove all the way to a small town called Rose Bay (near Lunenburg). It has a beautiful lake and a round trip by boat over the lake is something that I can recommend to everyone. Especially if you do so while watching the sunset (which we did on the second day) .

We stayed here for two nights at an adorable ‘little’ Airbnb house with an amazing host named Larry. Larry just started out renting his house on Airbnb and was very friendly. He took us on the boat ride across the lake.


Rose Bay

Light in da house?

On the second day we went on a day trip to Peggys Cove. You can have a look around the old harbou, go to the lighthouse and walk/climb on the rocks. The harbour consists of small shops where you can buy hand-made items like wooden figures and cosy restaurants. Everywhere you look you can see traces of fishery, like lobster traps. Thus, it is no surprise that most of the restaurants offer lobster on their menu cards.


Wooden figure in a small shop, Peggys Cove

If you walk to the sea, then you will arrive at the lighthouse. The lighthouse is not that big and is built on top of rock party. The views are spectecular even though there are a lot of tourists. The rocks go on for a couple more kilometers and that makes this an ideal place for a walk along the coastline. Be prepared for some climbing because of the rocks!


Peggys Point Lighthouse

Whale watching and trail walking

On the third day we crossed the Maritime province and to visit Digby. We stayed at an Airbnb cottage near Centreville thinking we could go whale watching the next day. Unfortunately, there was a thick fog and thus we decided that it would be a shame to go whale watching on a day that you would not be able to see the 50 meters ahead of you.

Thus we came up with a new plan: a trail walk to the Balancing Rock. The trail is about 3 kilometers back and forth and at the end of the trail you can find the so-called Balancing Rock. A balancing rock is literally a rock that stays in a balancing position because it fell down or was thrown that way by nature, which is kind of impressing considering the effort it might take a person to balance a small piece of wood on an edge.

If you decide to visit this balancing rock, I would suggest going on a day without any fog. At least then you will be able to enjoy the viewpoints around the trail.


Balancing Rock


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